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Cyborg (1989) directed bt Albert Pyun. VHS case edition (Lionheart Editions / ESC), new original artwork by Laurent Melki, double blu-ray with theatrical version and directo’s cut “Slinger”, includes the comics Cyborg, the poster, a magnet and a set of photos from the film.

Cyborg Extras :

Presentation of the film by director Albert Pyun (SSTFR – 4 min)
A ravaged future : the making-of Cyborg (SSTFR – 28 min)
Cyborg by Nicolas Bressier (20 min)
Iinterview with Arthur Cauras about director Albert Pyun (10 min)
Laurent Melki talks about ihis new original artwork (8 min)
Introduction to the short film Point Zero by director Arthur Cauras (5 min)

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