La Femme-objet blu-ray Digipack


    La Femme-objet directed by Frédéric Lansac on blu-ray. Starring Marilyn Jess and Richard Allan. Digipack edition, limited to 1000 copies.

    • Restored id HD under the supervision of the producer Francis Mishkind. Original image format 1.66.
    • Exclusive documentary “The Last porno in Paris”, with interviews with Marilyn Jess, Didier Philippe Gérard, Richard Allan, Francis Mischkind and François About (55 minutes)
    • Documentary about the first restoration for La Femme-objet in 2002 with Francis Mischkind (10 minutes)
    • Trailer restored in HD. Frédéric Lansac & de Marilyn Jess films trailers. Photo gallery.