Pornographisme, posters of the pornographic kind


The impact of words, the shock of fonts…

Pornographisme, posters of the pornographic kind is a book dedicated to the cult posters from a genre that some would like to be restained to the internets : the porn films. As crude as they can be, these posters did’nt took the easy way. This book gathers a selection of vintage artworks created for film from the 70’s and the 80’s with no organic shape. Here, the titles and the typos are often more explicit than flashy pictures…

Collective book made by Mickaël Draï, Christophe Chelmis, Christophe Bier, Clarence Edgard-Rosa, Dalya Daoud, Stéphane Duchêne, Brice Domingues et Catherine Guiral.

Format 28.5 × 20.5 cm, published by La Brèche

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